Monday, May 23, 2016

A Day at the Beach

Yesterday we took advantage of the good weather and headed to a local beach.  We brought a picnic, found sand dollars and had a lot of fun!

Rough life!

Things that make you proud.

Kindergarten has been such a great experience for Georgia, from her teacher to friends, from the recess to mastering new skills, she loves it.  I volunteer in her classroom once a week and love seeing the faces and personalities that make up so much of Georgia's world right now.  I've gotten to know some parents and feel fortunate for the environment she's in.
A few weeks ago, another mom was volunteering and was organizing school work, she snapped a quick photo and sent me Georgia's work from that day, moments like these make me even more proud than I already am.

Her paper reads,
If I had a pot of gold, I would buy...
Georgia's response:
If I had a pot of gold I would giv it to pepl thet had no gold.


Naturally with a six year old and a three year old vocabulary is discussed, words are overheard at school, on the bus, on the TV.. umm, err and maybe every once in awhile from a parent.  I am often asked by Georgia, Mom, what does _____ mean?

Last summer Leo heard the word, Goddammit, and although I don't believe he heard it from me, I'm not willing to say with certainty that he didn't hear it from me... what can I say, moving twice in a summer takes it's toll.  Needless to say he's been asked repeatedly not to use that word, he of course loves the rise that he gets out of his parents when he says it.

Potty talk is always a hot topic amongst kids, they think it's funny and are always pushing the boundaries on what is appropriate.  We have a rule in our house, you can use potty talk, but you can only use it in the bathroom.  If the kids are at the dinner table and start using potty talk I ask them to go into the bathroom and finish.. this is not a perfect rule but I'm trying.

A few weeks ago Georgia was outside playing with Brian and Leo and came inside, she said, Mom, what does sexy mean?  I was literally speechless.  I do my best to be very matter of fact with my explanations on any topic but this one had me stumped.  I asked her where she heard it, at school of course.  Then I goggled the definition of sexy and promptly decided to take a different approach.
By this time, Leo and Brian had come in, I found out that "daddy didn't know what it meant" (thanks daddy!) and Leo was very curious.  I explained that although it was not a "bad word" it was a very inappropriate word for kids to use.  I fumbled around with ideas like, attractive in a grown up way but then had to explain what attractive meant.  The kids seemed satisfied enough with my explanation but Leo wanted to clarify one last thing.. So mom, we can't say sexy or goddammit?  That's right Leo, no sexy, no goddammit.

Fast forward a week and the kids are playing outside and they asked me to come out to play a game with them.  They had moved two chairs right next to each other, Georgia explained that they were King and Queen.  Leo proudly stood on his chair and proclaimed, I'm King Poop Goddammit Sexy!  Then could hardly contain his laughter.

What can I say, this parenting gig is a work in progress.

 The King


Here are some random photos from the last few months, time flies when you're having fun!

 Lauren putting "baby Leo" down for a nap.

 These two pictures perfectly describe my children, cute with some sass, and cute with some ham!

 Leo is all about safety, with his safety goggles that are missing the lens.  
 The minute the thermometer hit 65 degrees Leo took it upon himself to hook up the sprinkler.

 GG & LoLo

 These two were apart for 24 hours and were genuinely this happy 
to see each other when they were reunited.

 Leo spent too much time like this during February & March.. he's a trooper.

Skater Boy

Date Night

Over spring break Georgia had one request, a date night with.. me!  We'd talked about it for several days, she told me the plans and I happily obliged.  She wanted to go out to sushi and maybe a treat afterward, dresses and jewelry were required for this special event.
We helped each other pick out our clothes, it was a warm evening but Georgia wanted both of us to bring our jean jackets in case we got cold.  We wore special jewelry from great grandma Betty and were feeling very fancy as we headed out the door.
We walked around downtown Gig Harbor for a bit then headed to the sushi restaurant, we were certainly the most well dressed diners that night and Georgia seemed to be thrilled.  After dinner I surprised Georgia with a trip to Ben & Jerry's, I'd called ahead to make sure they had non-dairy ice cream, I wish you could have seen the smile when she got to have the real ice cream scooped from the case.
It was a wonderfully simple evening spent with the most amazing girl.

Keeping Busy

I can't believe how long it's been since I have updated our blog!  Life has been moving along and aside from a bout with strep throat, pneumonia, a never ending cold/cough we survived the early spring fairly well.
Our move to Gig Harbor has been such a good one, Georgia loves school and says her favorite subjects are science and math.  Leo just finished at a Co-Op Preschool, he was, well, less enthusiastic about school, having a hard time adjusting to a new environment without mom.
Georgia has been busy outside of school too, aside from keeping a busy social calendar, and continually doing gymnastics, she did basketball this winter.  She and her best buddy, Olivia were the only girls on their team.  They really balanced out the seriousness of the game by stopping mid-court to chat and giggling the whole time.  I will say, there were a few games where Georgia's defense showed promise but I don't think this is her calling.
Right now we're in the midst of T-Ball and the Meerkats team is doing great!  I love watching Georgia, when she's fielding she's got her mit to the ground in ready position, and batting she gives it all she's got.  The team is all girls and one boy, best of all her coaches are Jody and Denny, my long time college friend and her dad.
Leo is a great little brother, tagging along to all of the practices and games.  He likes to see all of the little brothers and sisters and really enjoys cheering for his sister, loudly.

 Georgia & Olivia at their first Hawks Basketball game
 Georgia at t-ball getting some coaching from Jody

 Georgia & Anna, ready for their first game!
This is Leo on his last day of preschool, he was so happy... to be done.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Party Time

On Sunday we celebrated Leo a couple of days early with a dinosaur party.  We had a dinosaur egg hunt, dinosaur coloring station and dinosaur tattoos!
Leo had a great time and was so lucky to be able to celebrate with so many friends and family.  Not a bad way to kick of the big three!

 Leo and I made dino cups for the kids
 All of our dinosaurs were ready to party with their hats.
 Blake & Leo
 The boys
 Leo had a lot of help opening his gifts!
 Woohoo, new wheels!

 Serious Playdoh fun
 Stomp Rocket!
Leo and Olive