Monday, June 6, 2016


Georgia has been having a great time playing t-ball!  We joined the Meerkats team this spring, her coaches are my long time friend from college, Jody and her dad, Denny.  It has been so fun to see Georgia learn so much and really get into the games.  The icing on the cake is that we get to see Jody and her daughter, Anna on a regular basis, second generation friends.  

 Don't underestimate the sweet little faces you see, these kids are, great ball players!!  I love that Anna & Georgia are next to each other, right in the center.

My little Meerkat


Beating The Heat

This weekend we saw temperatures near 90 degrees, it was HOT!  Luckily I recently purchased a slip & slide.  After hours upon hours of fun and a solid night sleep for everyone, I'd say it's the best $25 I've spent in a long time!

Here are my little exebitionists beating the heat.


Mother's Day

Mother's Day was nearly a month ago but I'm finally getting this little gem posted.  Georgia brought it home from school, her teacher helped her complete it.  She was so proud to give it to me first thing on Mother's Day morning, I couldn't love it any more if I tried.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Famous Friends

Last summer when we drove to Georgia's school to look at the newly posted class lists, we found ourselves standing next to another mom and discovered our daughters were going to be in the same class.  We introduced ourselves and our girls, Olivia and Georgia.  Olivia's mom, Michelle commented that Olivia was being shy, that she was usually really outgoing, I laughed as I was thinking the same of Georgia.

Since that first meeting the girls have kindled a remarkable friendship, always funny and kind, supportive and outgoing.  It's the kind of friendship you want your kids to have.

Olivia is a smart girl, make that a really smart girl.  She excels in math and reading, has a sense of determination and focus that many kindergarteners lack.  Fortunately, she's also as silly as they come, whenever the girls are together they are giggling.

Earlier this year, I started picking Georgia and Olivia up at school on Thursdays.  I drive them to gymnastics where her mom and three younger siblings meet us.  The car rides are always a highlight for me, trying to overhear kindergarten recess gossip, the latest and greatest at school and of course the giggles.

A few weeks ago I picked up the girls on a warm day.  On the drive the windows were rolled down, wind blowing their hair and they stuck their hands out and began to wave.  In between giggles, Georgia said in a very grown up voice, waving to the trees, "hi trees, we're famous!"  They both laughed and said, "Ya, we're famous!"  Georgia went on, "like Taylor Swift!" Olivia replied, "and like Harriet Tubman!"

I could hardly contain my laughter.  This perfectly sums up Georgia and Olivia,

 Their first playdate

Silly girls this Spring


Harriett                                                                         Taylor

Monday, May 23, 2016

A Day at the Beach

Yesterday we took advantage of the good weather and headed to a local beach.  We brought a picnic, found sand dollars and had a lot of fun!

Rough life!

Things that make you proud.

Kindergarten has been such a great experience for Georgia, from her teacher to friends, from the recess to mastering new skills, she loves it.  I volunteer in her classroom once a week and love seeing the faces and personalities that make up so much of Georgia's world right now.  I've gotten to know some parents and feel fortunate for the environment she's in.
A few weeks ago, another mom was volunteering and was organizing school work, she snapped a quick photo and sent me Georgia's work from that day, moments like these make me even more proud than I already am.

Her paper reads,
If I had a pot of gold, I would buy...
Georgia's response:
If I had a pot of gold I would giv it to pepl thet had no gold.


Naturally with a six year old and a three year old vocabulary is discussed, words are overheard at school, on the bus, on the TV.. umm, err and maybe every once in awhile from a parent.  I am often asked by Georgia, Mom, what does _____ mean?

Last summer Leo heard the word, Goddammit, and although I don't believe he heard it from me, I'm not willing to say with certainty that he didn't hear it from me... what can I say, moving twice in a summer takes it's toll.  Needless to say he's been asked repeatedly not to use that word, he of course loves the rise that he gets out of his parents when he says it.

Potty talk is always a hot topic amongst kids, they think it's funny and are always pushing the boundaries on what is appropriate.  We have a rule in our house, you can use potty talk, but you can only use it in the bathroom.  If the kids are at the dinner table and start using potty talk I ask them to go into the bathroom and finish.. this is not a perfect rule but I'm trying.

A few weeks ago Georgia was outside playing with Brian and Leo and came inside, she said, Mom, what does sexy mean?  I was literally speechless.  I do my best to be very matter of fact with my explanations on any topic but this one had me stumped.  I asked her where she heard it, at school of course.  Then I goggled the definition of sexy and promptly decided to take a different approach.
By this time, Leo and Brian had come in, I found out that "daddy didn't know what it meant" (thanks daddy!) and Leo was very curious.  I explained that although it was not a "bad word" it was a very inappropriate word for kids to use.  I fumbled around with ideas like, attractive in a grown up way but then had to explain what attractive meant.  The kids seemed satisfied enough with my explanation but Leo wanted to clarify one last thing.. So mom, we can't say sexy or goddammit?  That's right Leo, no sexy, no goddammit.

Fast forward a week and the kids are playing outside and they asked me to come out to play a game with them.  They had moved two chairs right next to each other, Georgia explained that they were King and Queen.  Leo proudly stood on his chair and proclaimed, I'm King Poop Goddammit Sexy!  Then could hardly contain his laughter.

What can I say, this parenting gig is a work in progress.

 The King