Saturday, August 22, 2015

Camp Montana 2015

Despite having moved into our new house just three days earlier, all four of us hit the road for Montana in early August.  We were excited to get away, see Grammy & Grandpa and experience it all with the Pittmans.  This year didn't disappoint, there were treasure hunts, swimming, great food, boat rides, alpine sliding and a whole lot more.  We packed it all in and are so happy we did!

When we arrived all four of us went on a treasure hunt to find the new bunk room Grammy & Grandpa had put together for the kids, it was in a word, phenomenal.  Kudos to Grammy and her impeccable eye for design, every detail was thought of and executed so well.
The kids were all thrilled to have such a fun room where all of them could sleep!  Since Leo isn't known for his sleeping skills, so he got a room to himself  to sleep but played right along with the big kids during the day.

Thank you Grammy & Grandpa for another great vacation at Camp Montana!

The Bunk Room, Montana Style:

 Every last detail was thought of, even the pulls on the drawers.

Leo hopped right on the horse for a ride

Boating on Flathead Lake

The grown up kids even got a night out!

 We loved every second of it! 

 My two favorite girls
 Being goofy as usual
Heading up to the mountain to do some alpine sliding 

All four kids did lots of pool time, but these two were unstoppable!

 Leo took, "say cheese" very literally

The whole gang!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Strong Against Cancer

A few weeks ago, Georgia was invited to participate in a video for Strong Against Cancer, a nonprofit organization benefiting the amazing work that is happening at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research.  We were told the video will be upbeat and positive, expressing the amazing courage and hope of families.  It will be posted on Strong Against Cancer social media channels as well as emailed to donors.  The goal is to say thank you to the donor community for helping advance their cancer research efforts toward better treatments and cures. 

I asked Georgia if she'd like to participate, with a big grin, she said,  "Ummm, I think I'd like to do that!"  This was quickly followed by the question, "Will Russell Wilson be there!?"  She's seen him on billboards and commercials supporting Strong Against Cancer.  Unfortunately, Russell was not a part of this video but we had a great time supporting an incredible cause.

We haven't seen the video yet but will be sure to post it here when we do!

 Georgia & Leo participated in the video, not talking just a lot of running around 
looking super tough in their signature Strong Against Cancer purple.

So poroud of our girl


It occurred to me that Leo doesn't get enough coverage these days, so this is all things Leo.  To my adorable, lovable, ball of energy, I had no idea how fun it would be to have a boy.

You love to snuggle as much as you love to be active.  Your sister is your best friend in the world and despite the normal sibling bickering, you play together really well.  You happily play on your own too which makes your mother really happy.

We continue to battle asthma, it only comes on when you're sick but unfortunately that includes minor colds.  We're working to strengthen your lungs, I've been told by several doctors that because you only have asthma when you're sick that you'll likely grow out of it... fingers crossed!

You're a man of many words, you love to talk and do it quite well, clearly pronouncing words, some of which include ones that your mother doesn't like.  The other night at dinner you looked at me and said "God dammit." Then started laughing hysterically.  Moving twice in one summer as brought out some less than perfect language from those around you although I'd like to state for the record that when I asked you where you heard those words, it wasn't from me.

Some of my favorite mispronounced words include:

Prittle Please (Pretty Please)
Bubberfly (Butterfly)
Toda-we Awesome (Totally Awesome)

You're slow to warm up to new situations but lucky for you, your sister has never met a stranger, she's quick to pull you into whatever she is doing and help you settle into new experiences.

While meeting our new neighbors you pointed to Georgia and said, "She ready for kindergarten, me ready for a motorcycle."  You love anything related to construction, sports and trucks.

You say that you're favorite color is "Seahawks" which means blue.  Your favorite shirt is red, white and blue and has a big football on the front, you call it your Seahawks shirt.  You insist on wearing this shirt with your camo shorts almost daily.

Last night you put on one of Georgia's long, fancy skirts, pulled it up to his chest, looked at me and very nonchalantly said, "I go get married."

Since moving into our new house Leo's had trouble sleeping through the night, I went in to find a hysterical boy at about 2am and I asked him what was wrong... "I'm saaad.." I picked him up and asked why he was sad.  Still sobbing, he said, "Because, because... I love you."  Well, the kid sure knows how to pull at his mothers heartstrings.

 On a trip to the ER with breathing difficulties
 Feeling much better 

Fishing is serious business

 Photo credit to Georgia
 "Reading" on our drive to Montana
The most fun part of potty training... Super Hero Underwear!

I captured my little singer on our long drive back from Montana...
Fee fi fidley-i-o strummin on the ole banjo.  Sing along with me...

 Fearless and always in motion....

Friday, July 10, 2015

Fairy Camp

This week Georgia attended Woodland Fairy Camp for three days, it was every little fairy's dream.  She fully embraced the fairy lifestyle between making fairy wings, fairy wands, searching for fairy treasure, playing games and having her face painted two days in a row, she had a ball.
Leo was with me when I picked her up on the last day, he lucked out and got some face painting done as well.  Despite the serious picture, he was running around saying, "to the rescue!"

 Fairy flower power
 Where ever she goes she makes friends in an instant
All of the fairies getting warmed up on the first day

Giddy Up

We've been keeping busy with new adventures.  Last week we went with Nana to a friends house, she has several horses and some farm equipment which meant fun for the kids.  
Georgia was all smiles as she climbed up on the horse and was lead around the barn.  While she was busy Leo was thrilled to sit on the little tractor and pretend to drive.  
When it was Leo's turn for a horse ride he became very serious.  I sat him on the horse then asked if he wanted to get down, "No" he replied.  Do you want the horse to walk, "Yes" in a very serious tone.  His face had a slightly worried look as the horse moved forward, he was quiet and serious the whole way around the barn and when the loop was done I asked if he wanted to get down, "No."  He finished a second loop, barely cracking a smile but saying he had fun.