Monday, October 27, 2014

Monster Dash

On Saturday the kids and I participated in the Monster Dash fun run to support Georgia's preschool. By participate, I mean that Georgia ran in the kids 1k and Leo and I showed our support by dressing up.  To make sure the kids keep to the course they chase a monster, it was all pretty adorable. Georgia was all smiles with her preschool buddies and ran the whole 1k holding hands with her best buddy, Hannah.  The kids all looked adorable, the rain held off and we all had a great time.
I knew people were encouraged to dress up so we came up with a family costume and guess what.. we won best group costume!

The s'more family.. missing our graham cracker daddy!

 On your mark... get set... 
 Post race with a medal
 Georgia and Hannah with their teacher and the monster

Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 4th

October 4th is a significant date in our household, on October 4, 2010 we were told Georgia had cancer and our world became unrecognizable.  My heart aches at the memories of the moments leading up to those words being spoken, I miss the carelessness that I use to have in my life.
October 4th is a date that makes my heart ache but also makes me more grateful than I knew possible. I think I am successful everyday in recognizing things that I am thankful for, things that I do not take for granted, but this day is one where the gratitude is seen in all things.

Sometimes there are little things that make me smile and think, I love my life.  I could make a fairly substantial list of things that aren't fair or seem extra hard but so can anyone.  I love that there is a princess sticker stuck to the garage floor, I love that Georgia insists upon carrying a purse with her "lipstick" and headbands.  I love that Leo wraps his arm around my neck so tightly when he hugs me.  I love that he smacks his lips when he gives me a kiss.  A few nights ago as I was putting Georgia to bed she said, mom, I love you more than anyone, even more than ice cream!  I try and remember these little moments that seem so simple but remind me how much I love my life.

This is how October 4, 2014 came to a close, Georgia read to Leo before bed, it's hard to believe that four years ago we were told she had cancer... eternally grateful will never cover it, I love these two more than I ever knew I could.

Nineteen Months

I'm so behind on this update but have been thinking about it since the 15th!  My sweet boy you are up by 6:00am every day and immediately ask for Georgia, when I tell you she is sleeping and we walk to your door you look at me and say, Shhh!  You know I want you to stay quiet so Georgia will keep sleeping.  This is just a small example of how you understand so much, I ask you to do something and you do it, I can tell there is so much happening inside your little head, we are both looking forward to when you're able to verbalize your wants.
I love your love of books, you don't stay still for long but are always ready to sit on my lap and look at a book, your favorites have cars, trucks, trains and planes in them.  If you see an airplane in a book or in the sky you point and say DADA!! DADA!!
Over the past month you've had two colds, both have gone to your lungs and given you trouble breathing.  Both times you've need to use albuterol, the nebulizer is not your favorite thing.  Were hoping this isn't a sign of future asthma and your doctor is going to start you on something to strengthen your lungs.  You handle it all like a trooper, still wanting to play and be active.
For as much of you that is all boy there is a sweet side, you love music and dancing, coloring and climbing.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to see you just be you, growing and changing all on your own.
I love you sweet boy, so, so much.

You were quite pleased when you figured out you could drive the car...

Jubilee Farms

In preparation for Halloween we recently took a trip to a pumpkin patch with some friends.  We had a blast, there were hay rides, pumpkin catapult, hay maze, squash tasting and so much fun!

Fall Fun

We enjoyed a beautiful fall and took advantage of the great weather by doing some hiking.  Anyone who knows me may laugh out loud at this, I'm not a hiker, I actually told Brian very early into dating that "I don't hike."  It must be my children and the need to see them explore the outdoors, we all had a great time!

Life & Times

Life has been good, busy, never enough time, let me check my calendar, we're late (again) kind of busy, but it's good.

Georgia:  You love school, I mean really love it, everyday you ask when it's time to go to school. We're carpooling with two other families this year, you think this is particularly fun.  you continue to love gymnastics, always flipping and cartweeling around the living room.
You've also started up ballet again after taking the summer off, you seem to like leaping, pointing and flexing your toes, it's a great combination of structure and fun, much like your personality.
You are growing up and learning so much, some fun, some not.  Recently you were a bit bullied by someone in your dance class, a little girl told you she didn't like you and didn't want you in the class.  My heart ached as you told me you thought you should change classes because this girl didn't want you there.  We talked about it, about what to do if it happened again and then I talked to the parent educator at school.  It's been almost a month and the indecent came up again, you are still hurt by what happened and I am still trying to give you the skills to take care of yourself, this one is a toughy, for both of us.
You are my helper in everything, you love to help in the kitchen, with Leo, you help me remember what we're supposed to be doing and what to buy at the grocery store.
I'm so proud of the person you are, you are a good friend, you're polite and kind, you are a sweet, sweet girl.  You love your brother, every day you make him a picture at school and giving it to him first thing when you get home.

Leo:  You are a happy, flailing, tantrum throwing very physical handful of a boy.  Someday you'll read this and tell me I was being mean, the truth is I think you're right on track for being an 19 month old boy.  It isn't all tantrums though, you have a sweetness to you, you love to snuggle and cry every time Georgia leaves for school/
You eat all the time, I don't mean snacks, I mean, two pieces of french toast, a scrambled egg, sausage, and a banana king of meal.  You are growing constantly and rarely sit still, you need all that fuel to climb onto all of the furniture, empty drawers of clean clothes, and keep up with your sister.
You love books, much more so than Georgia did at this age.  You love flipping through books about trains, truck and animals.  You are definitely an animal lover, dogs in particular.
If you see dirt you want to dig in it, if you see bugs you try to stomp on them.  You're an early riser who is becoming a better sleeper, I can't tell you how much I appreciate this!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


On Friday I was finally able to attend the annual BENefit that the Ben Towne Foundation has put on for the last several years.  It was a much anticipated evening for everyone in attendance, all 1,700 of us.  This year there was a new location that could accommodate as many that wanted to come, in years past they've had to turn people away, but with such a worthy cause they found a bigger space and people flooded in.  It was a great night, I saw several of Georgia's nurses and doctors, saw friends and was so happy to have my sister as my date.
The work that the Ben Towne Foundation is supporting is incredible, they've had 10 trials and each person has gone into remission, this work needs to keep going.  People are finding the work that is happening at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research inspiring, so inspiring that when they asked for donations to support this research moving people answered.  In 10 minutes the people in attendance donated a total of 1.6 million dollars, 100% of that will go to research.
It felt good to be a part of changing how children will be cured of cancer, we are living in a place and during a time that can make this possible.

With the evenings host, Joel McHale