Friday, August 22, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The ALS ice bucket challenge has certainly gone viral, I see multiple posts daily on Facebook taking the challenge to raise awareness and funding for ALS research.  I went to college with Steve Gleason, he lived in the fraternity across the street and was close with several of my sorority sisters.  I have watched his battle and have been in awe of Team Gleason and what they are doing to change the life and treatment for those battling ALS.
Today, Georgia was nominated by her cousin Lauren to take the challenge... challenge accepted!  It was 65 degrees, we told her she could wait until it warmed up a bit, but Georgia was adamant that she wanted to do it right away!

Go Cougs, No White Flags!

To find out more about Team Gleason and how you can support finding a cure for ALS check out the Team Gleason website:


Seventeen Months

I'm nearly a week late on this update, in my defense I have been running around after a very active little boy! Leo, 17 months old, wow!  It is so fun to be able to watch you grow, we are experiencing so many firsts with you, when Georgia was 17 months, she'd just started walking, was bald and very immune compromised.  You are running, climbing, flailing and generally don't like to sit still, I'm taking you tomorrow for your third haircut and I giggle when I see dirt on the side of your mouth.
You're all boy, you get so excited when you see big trucks, love loud machinery, think it's hilarious to show me where your nose is by sticking your fingers up it and when you don't get your way you can throw quite a tantrum.
I call you the clean up crew, after any meal, once you're out of your highchair you crawl up onto any open chair at the table and finish whatever food has been left.  I have to believe you do this because you think you're all grown up, by the amount of food you take in at your chair, I can't believe you are actually still hungry.  One morning I was sitting, eating breakfast and you climbed up onto a chair, then the table and took my spoon and proceeded to finish my cereal, all smiles.
Your vocabulary continues to grow, beep-beep for trucks, hock for hot, na-knock for knock-knock.. those jokes happen often here.
You love to give big hugs, squeezing tight and kisses, complete with smacking lips.  You do your best to keep up with your sister and all the things she can do.  You love to be tickled, your giggle is priceless.
Most importantly you are happy and healthy.  We recently had blood work done and I am happy to report that everything looks normal, even down to those baby monocytes!  I wasn't worried but certainly welcomed the confirmation that you are healthy and thriving.
I love you my boy!

 A rare moment, sitting still
 Cereal thief!
I can't decide who is happier about your love of paddle boarding

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer fun on the South Sound

We just got home from a fun-filled few days at Nana and Bawdy's house down on the South Sound.  Between the kiddie pool, ocean, boat, paddle board and beach we certainly packed in the fun.  We saw friends and cousins, enjoyed the summer weather and squeezed in some relaxation between activities.  Thanks for a great time, Nana & Bawdy!

It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride

 Holden, Landon & Georgia, the only way to capture these three.. in motion

 Leo thought Landon was pretty awesome

 The kids had a blast when the tide went out, at first the mud was tiptoed in, then it became a game of how dirty you could get. 
 Sister to the rescue, Leo was stuck in the mud!
 My, we've come a long way!
 Leo was trying to have the full boating experience.. not to worry, it was empty
 Georgia dressed Nana for dinner, any guess on what her favorite color is?

 Throwing rocks
 Mama and baby seal

 The kids and I went tubing, they both loved it!
 Leo's new favorite hobby, he sat perfectly still and enjoyed the ride
Leo was so relaxed on his second ride that he fell asleep, sitting up.  The kid that doesn't sleep was lulled by the ocean, I took him inside, laid him down and he slept for three hours.  I'm now considering investing in a paddle board!
One tired sailor
Anna & Georgia, the bobsie twins

 Brian's last ski behind the Freedom before it was sold

Goodbye Freedom, thanks for all of the adventures!

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Marrying Type

Yesterday, Georgia was chatting with one of her best buddies, Sadie, they were discussing marriage.  Georgia proudly announced that when she grew up she was going to marry Leo.  I didn't say a word, quietly smiling, enjoying overhearing this conversation.  Sadie is two years older than Georgia and a little wiser to how it all works, she said, Georgia, you can't marry Leo, he's your brother!  She was adamant, "Yes, Sadie, I'm going to marry Leo!"  Then they turned to me, "can she really marry Leo?"  I didn't give an answer one way or the other so the girls continued their conversation.  Georgia then said, in a tone that gave the impression she had it all figured out and was letting Sadie in on a little secret, "Sadie, my dad is already married so I have to marry Leo!"
Ah, let us soak up the moments when Georgia believes that her dad and her brother are the only men she'll ever need.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camp Montana 2014

We just completed another successful trip to Whitefish to visit Grammy and Grandpa at Camp Montana. Brian had to stay behind to complete his training for Alaska so the kids and I headed over.  We had fun on the alpine slide, swimming, fishing, treasure hunting, art camp and a whole lot of cousin time for the kids.  Leo did not display his best sleeping skills but between great meals, wine and maybe a martini or two I enjoyed our time too! Thanks for another great trip Grammy and Grandpa!

Grandpa leading an adventure walk

Wildlife through the backyard included a mama and baby elk

The super moon was beautiful
Off to art camp

Summer sisters together again

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Go Germany!

On Sunday, the World Cup final game was played, it was Germany vs. Argentina.. can you guess who we were rooting for?

We made sure that Mr. Germany knew his number one fan was cheering them on.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sixteen Months

Leo, today you are 16 months old and I can hardly believe all of the things you can do!  You are constantly taking note of things happening around you and often mimic what the big kids do.
You love the water, we just got back from Montana where you were jumping off of big kick boards right into the pool, I would scoop you up and you'd immediately say, "more" even the swim instructor said, "that kid is fearless!"
You continue to have a rough time sleeping though the night and I have told you that it's a good thing you're so handsome because mommy likes her sleep!
I never knew how much fun it would be to have a boy, I have no doubt you have many adventures in your future!

 Everyone tells me you're going to be a football player, as your mom, 
I keep suggesting other, less physical sports... we'll see.
 Handsome fella 
 You clearly loved wearing the pink, princess life jacket in Montana 
 You certainly found a buddy in Grandpa

Loving your big-boy cousin, Blake

I found you doing this, clearly observing what the big kids do!