Saturday, November 22, 2014


On Friday Georgia had her 5 year old wellness check - imagine that!  She was a very giggly girl as she answered all of her doctors questions.  She passed with flying colors and is in the 60% for both height and weight.  It's so gratifying to hear how normal and healthy she is, we talked about her immune system and her pediatrician said she considers her a normal child, incredible.

Here are a few thing Georgia wanted to share:


On Thursday Georgia's class had a potlatch and performance at school as a way to wrap up their two week lesson on Native Americans.  The lesson was complete with a field trip to the Burke Museum and a week full of making Native American jewelry and clothing.
The kids were beyond adorable, all wearing name tags with names they'd given themselves.  There was 'boy with brown eyes' and 'girl who loves horses' .. Georgia was, girl who likes to help her little brother.  She was all smiles and enjoyed participating in her performance.

Enjoying their feast

Their grand entrance:

Signing a cedar tree song:

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Yesterday you turned five, it feels monumental in so many ways.  I remember the day you were born, waking up early, waiting for the phone to ring so I could be induced, you were running on your own time schedule but at eight days past due it was time to meet you!
In the years that followed you have been my greatest teacher, I told you yesterday that you are the reason I was given the title, mom, you looked surprised.  Before you my dear I was me, owning all parts of myself, now you and your brother have become my heart.  I'm not sure if you'll ever know just how much I love you.
You have taught me about strength, resilience, living and what is important.  You have an old soul but are very much a five year old girl.  I asked you yesterday what is something five year olds know, you said, "you never give up!"  You love playing doctor and caring for your patients, you love playing dress up and dancing around the living room.
You are happy, you wake up happy and in a good mood.  You are a master negotiator, you often say, "how about this for a deal..."
Yesterday we had a family birthday celebration, opening presents first thing in the morning then went to school, ballet then home for requested pizza and cake.  After dinner we went outside and lit a lantern, you made a wish and we sent it off into the night sky.  First, when I said it was time to make a wish, you said, I wish for my family to be healthy.  We had a family hug and I told you that we are all healthy so why don't you make another wish... you smiled and said, I wish for a baby sister, (clearly I should have left the first wish alone) daddy and I looked at each other, had a good laugh then I had to talk about how wishes don't always come true. Luckily you agreed that Leo is a great little brother!
Happy birthday to the most incredible girl in the world, I am so happy that you are my daughter!

 Officially 5!
 Frozen nightgown and CD were a big hit
 Ready for patients with her new Doc Mobile

 Leo was barely done with pizza but ready for cake!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. Germany!

When we received the contact information on Mr. Germany almost two years ago there was something that made me smile, his birthday is what was Georgia's due date.  Despite the fact that I was induced eight days later it still felt like a bit of a connection.  I love that although the blood running through her body didn't originate there, it's still Scorpio blood nonetheless.  Today we sent a little video message to Manuel, hoping he has a birthday, and a lifetime of amazing things.


Party Time

On Sunday we celebrated Georgia in an early birthday party at the dance studio where she takes ballet.  We'd been counting down the days until her party and wouldn't you know it, two days before she came down with a cold.  Like the trooper she is, it didn't slow her down a bit, she was dancing and playing from beginning til end.  The teacher led the kids in game after game, we took a short break for snacks and cupcakes then they headed back for an obstacle course to run off some of that sugar!  Everyone had a great time, all ages and abilities joined in the fun.    We were so grateful that our friends and family could help us celebrate!  Now the count down is on to the official FIVE.. just a few more days and this birthday that feels huge will be here!


 Teacher Jenna is amazing, she kept a very captive audience

 Georgia was very excited about the pink 5 on her cupcake

 Leo really, really enjoyed his cupcake

 The post sugar obstacle course


Getting warmed up before her friends arrived..

I love...

Last night as I was snuggling Georgia at bedtime, in her usual fashion she wanted to keep chatting when she should have been sleeping.  There are always questions about what we are doing tomorrow or things that happened today.  It's not unusual for Georgia to talk about how much she loves all of us but tonight there was something else.  She said, "I love you 2698 (which is to her is a very big number), I love Leo 2985, I love daddy 2847... and I love myself 2998."  I loved that she included herself, we should all love ourselves more!

Halloween Fun

The tradition continued this year as we headed to the Pittman's annual Halloween party.  Georgia was dressed as Elsa from Frozen (there were only a few out there) and Leo was a dragon, a costume his cousin Blake wore several years before.  We all had a  great time, Leo successfully trick-or-treated for the first time, after a little apprehension in taking the candy he didn't want to let go of it.  Georgia in her usual rockstar kid fashion, happily handed me her candy and I handed her a bag of allergy free treats.  Thank you Pittmans for another fun party!

The Elsa & Anna duos

Georgia was so excited to participate in the doughnut challenge
I pulled out my old high school cheer leading uniform as a costume
Elvis came to the party too... 

Georgia is considering a gig as an Elvis impersonator
 First trick-or-treat candy!
 The sweetest Elsa & Anna out there
 Leo enjoying is first ever lollipop