Sunday, June 26, 2016

Great Season Meerkats

Georgia had a great time being on the Tacoma Meerkats team, best of all was having Jody as her coach.  In lieu of our last practice we had a little celebration where Jody gave a little speech and each girl received a medal.  
Jody has seen our family through some really hard times, she was constantly sending me inspirational quotes when Georgia was in the hospital.  She made CD's of music that literally became the soundtrack of our journey, think, Rocky Theme Song and Annie's It's A Hard Knock Life.  She made videos, wrote blog posts and was always a cheerleader.  
Jody is one of the most solid people I know, she's a true friend which made her speech about Georgia so great.


Georgia's last at bat of the season, way to go, you're a ball player!

Kindergarten Grad

What a year.  A new city, a new school and a whole lot of new friends.  Georgia, you are remarkable.  You loved school this year, you loved everything about it, your teacher, learning, friends, chasing Sawyer at recess, you loved every second.
Your favorite subjects were math and science and currently your plan is to either be a scientist or a veterinarian.
I'm so proud of you and how much you enjoy school, you will go far in this life my dear, very, very far.
Look out first grade, these two are ready!

Classroom graduation party with Leo the goofball

We all made it to the party!

Silly picture, Georgia's request

The BEST Kindergarten Teacher, Mrs. B.

We thought the occasion called for a little party so we had some neighborhood friends over to celebrate!  
Cheers to summer!

Can you tell that Georgia & Olivia are excited for summer?

Honey Bee Grad

A couple of weeks ago, Georgia and I drove up to a very special place to see some very special people.  Lauren was graduating from the Children's Garden School, a place that I have known my entire life, a place where my mom taught parent education and where she is still loved deeply.
Lauren is truly a remarkable human being, you can literally hear the wheels turning in her head, always seeing things a way that adults, let alone kids, rarely see.  She is bright, artistic and inquisitive, she is also very patient.  She was the last graduate of the evening, all the while waiting with a smile and making sure the other graduates were paying attention.
The night was made more special because several of my mom's dear friends were there.  During a break, Leslie and I took the girls down to see my mom's tree, one that was planted in her memory nearly 20 years ago.  We just happened to follow Bonnie, Kathy and Marsha to the same spot.  We all gathered under the Handkerchief Tree as it's called, a small table was set up under it with flowers, a candle and a framed photo of my mom with her friends.  What a sight to see, these amazing women with her granddaughters.

Monday, June 6, 2016


Georgia has been having a great time playing t-ball!  We joined the Meerkats team this spring, her coaches are my long time friend from college, Jody and her dad, Denny.  It has been so fun to see Georgia learn so much and really get into the games.  The icing on the cake is that we get to see Jody and her daughter, Anna on a regular basis, second generation friends.  

 Don't underestimate the sweet little faces you see, these kids are, great ball players!!  I love that Anna & Georgia are next to each other, right in the center.

My little Meerkat


Beating The Heat

This weekend we saw temperatures near 90 degrees, it was HOT!  Luckily I recently purchased a slip & slide.  After hours upon hours of fun and a solid night sleep for everyone, I'd say it's the best $25 I've spent in a long time!

Here are my little exebitionists beating the heat.


Mother's Day

Mother's Day was nearly a month ago but I'm finally getting this little gem posted.  Georgia brought it home from school, her teacher helped her complete it.  She was so proud to give it to me first thing on Mother's Day morning, I couldn't love it any more if I tried.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Famous Friends

Last summer when we drove to Georgia's school to look at the newly posted class lists, we found ourselves standing next to another mom and discovered our daughters were going to be in the same class.  We introduced ourselves and our girls, Olivia and Georgia.  Olivia's mom, Michelle commented that Olivia was being shy, that she was usually really outgoing, I laughed as I was thinking the same of Georgia.

Since that first meeting the girls have kindled a remarkable friendship, always funny and kind, supportive and outgoing.  It's the kind of friendship you want your kids to have.

Olivia is a smart girl, make that a really smart girl.  She excels in math and reading, has a sense of determination and focus that many kindergarteners lack.  Fortunately, she's also as silly as they come, whenever the girls are together they are giggling.

Earlier this year, I started picking Georgia and Olivia up at school on Thursdays.  I drive them to gymnastics where her mom and three younger siblings meet us.  The car rides are always a highlight for me, trying to overhear kindergarten recess gossip, the latest and greatest at school and of course the giggles.

A few weeks ago I picked up the girls on a warm day.  On the drive the windows were rolled down, wind blowing their hair and they stuck their hands out and began to wave.  In between giggles, Georgia said in a very grown up voice, waving to the trees, "hi trees, we're famous!"  They both laughed and said, "Ya, we're famous!"  Georgia went on, "like Taylor Swift!" Olivia replied, "and like Harriet Tubman!"

I could hardly contain my laughter.  This perfectly sums up Georgia and Olivia,

 Their first playdate

Silly girls this Spring


Harriett                                                                         Taylor