Thursday, July 17, 2014

Camp Montana 2014

We just completed another successful trip to Whitefish to visit Grammy and Grandpa at Camp Montana. Brian had to stay behind to complete his training for Alaska so the kids and I headed over.  We had fun on the alpine slide, swimming, fishing, treasure hunting, art camp and a whole lot of cousin time for the kids.  Leo did not display his best sleeping skills but between great meals, wine and maybe a martini or two I enjoyed our time too! Thanks for another great trip Grammy and Grandpa!

Grandpa leading an adventure walk

Wildlife through the backyard included a mama and baby elk

The super moon was beautiful
Off to art camp

Summer sisters together again

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Go Germany!

On Sunday, the World Cup final game was played, it was Germany vs. Argentina.. can you guess who we were rooting for?

We made sure that Mr. Germany knew his number one fan was cheering them on.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sixteen Months

Leo, today you are 16 months old and I can hardly believe all of the things you can do!  You are constantly taking note of things happening around you and often mimic what the big kids do.
You love the water, we just got back from Montana where you were jumping off of big kick boards right into the pool, I would scoop you up and you'd immediately say, "more" even the swim instructor said, "that kid is fearless!"
You continue to have a rough time sleeping though the night and I have told you that it's a good thing you're so handsome because mommy likes her sleep!
I never knew how much fun it would be to have a boy, I have no doubt you have many adventures in your future!

 Everyone tells me you're going to be a football player, as your mom, 
I keep suggesting other, less physical sports... we'll see.
 Handsome fella 
 You clearly loved wearing the pink, princess life jacket in Montana 
 You certainly found a buddy in Grandpa

Loving your big-boy cousin, Blake

I found you doing this, clearly observing what the big kids do!

Monday, June 30, 2014


 This weekend Georgia had a very special event, her first ever ballet recital.  Each week when I told her she had ballet she'd ask, "Mom, is today my recital?"  Despite telling me that she wasn't sure what she was supposed to do at the recital, she couldn't wait to go.
The day was finally here so we packed up to head to the rehearsal, all morning she was asking, "now? is it time to go now?!?"  Once we arrived it was constant squeals and chatter of little girls in pretty costumes.  The girls were all so excited and patiently waited their turn to rehearse then perform.
I was the backstage parent for our class, admittedly I took the job for photo opportunities but paid my dues in keeping track of 10, 4-5 year old girls.
I got a front row seat for their performance, everyone did great and more importantly had so much fun.  After a final bow with all of the groups the house lights came on and the girls went out into the audience to see friends and family who attended the performance.  Georgia was thrilled to see Daddy, Leo, Nana, Bawdy and Nah but most of all her cousins, Blake and Lauren.  The kids went up on stage for a picture then Georgia said she'd be right back.  She went over to her teacher and asked if she and her cousins could practice their bows on stage.  She didn't want it to end, she loved being on stage and leaping all around, we were the second to last people to leave.
Afterward we went out for dinner and ice cream, she was all smiles.  As Georgia and I walked back to our car hand in hand I was so thrilled with how the day had gone for her, she loved every minute.  She looked up and me and said, "Mom, I got to do my recital, go out to dinner and ice cream, today was even better than my birthday!"
That night as I tucked her into bed she asked if she could do her recital again tomorrow.  I told her that she could put on her costume and do her performance at our house, she said she wanted a stage, I said, how about we pretend the deck is a stage?  With a very disappointed sigh she said, "No mom, I want to perform on a real stage."  I guess there may be a recital or two in her future and we all couldn't be happier or more grateful.
It's moments like these, once in a lifetime firsts that humble me, all of the little girls in her class are special, each parent so proud, I'm just not sure everyone wells up with gratitude the way I do when memories like this are made.

 Georgia & Marley
 Most of her class waiting to rehearse 

 Teacher Jenna is amazing!

 The start of the show

 Georgia taking flight

 Practicing their bow
Leo, so proud of his big sister

Here is a video of the performance, the lighting makes it tough to see but you get the idea.  Thank you Leslie!

All Things Leo

Leo, you recently had your 15 month check up and are doing great!  You are continuing to grow at a rapid speed, still solidly in the 95th% for height but all that moving around has dropped you to the 50th% for weight.  I hesitate to call you long and lean because you still have some good looking cankles.
If you're awake, you are in motion, you are able to communicate more of what you want and seem to have new "words" daily.  You regularly say, buh-bye, hi, ball, bird, woo-woo (for dog, or really any animal), dada, mama, ga-ga (Georgia), more, baby, hat and a whole lot of car sounds.
You have a new dance, one hand up in the air and one across your body, twisting your wrists and hands, it almost looks like a flamenco dancer, you are pleased but also get a little embarrassed when we get excited about you dancing.
You point to the sky and make an engine sound when you see an airplane
Your favorite toy is the lawnmower, the real lawn mower.. you often climb in the shed and point to it while making that same "engine" sound.
You think the toilet is also a bath, apparently anything in the bathroom that contains water is a bath.  I asked you to put some band-aids back in the bathroom the other day, you were so proud as you walked down the hall into the bathroom then came back, grabbed my hand and lead me to show what you'd done... you'd put the band-aids in the toilet and couldn't have been happier about it.
You are sweet, you love to "give love" by wrapping your arms around my neck and give me the biggest hugs.
Georgia continues to be your most favorite person, you can see the amazement in your eyes while watching all that she can do.
You're all boy, you love sticks, you love dogs, you love dirt.

You make me so incredibly happy and I feel so lucky to call you mine.

 I see this a lot, you love to run but you also love to be held
 Playing fetch, Georgia literally throws a stick and says "fetch" and you go retrieve it, you're both happy with the game so I stay out of it.
 Working hard with your own lawnmower
 You sporting Blake's 2T jammies
You found two precious sticks at the park